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  • Lisa Stavinoha

Look For Art Outside Of The Chains

We have all heard the saying "starving artist" and as an artist I can say it definitely could happen!

Why do most artist "starve" or not sell their work? Even with the internet making it easier to sell artwork. It is a two prong problem. On one prong is the big box stores that sell artwork - yes artists create that artwork too but they have jobs - to create artwork for the big box stores. The other prong is people just don't know that there are independent artists in their communities that sell artwork at affordable prices direct to the consumer.

Big chain or box stores like Target, Walmart, etc.. have framed art in all price ranges, all subjects, and all mediums in one location. This makes it so convenient for the consumer that they will overlook the issue of maybe not finding just exactly what they want. A lot of the art in these stores too is digital and not really paintings. Besides the chains there are also art galleries in most every town that sell local artists work. This is a convenient way for consumers to shop and a great way for artists to get their work out there. One thing with galleries though is that they keep a percentage of each artists sale so that the artists price their pieces higher to make sure they receive what they should on each creation. In my opinion, it is because the galleries have a markup that artwork by local artists is thought to be higher and not really affordable for the average consumer. This is really not the case.

Most consumers do not realize there are artists in their communities and on the internet. Most consumers also do not realize that most artworks are affordable because artists want to sell their work, they want people to buy and enjoy their creations. Yes every artists has expensive pieces but they also have more affordable prices as well. Buying direct from the artist is the best overall method to get artwork and the best situation for the artist as well. Buying direct, the artists receive 100% of the sale price. Knowing your local artists too opens up the possibility of commissioning a piece that is unique to you, and your life.

Many artist has a web page which they showcase their work. To find your local artist, just search google for artist in your town. Supporting local artists is an awesome thing to do! With each piece sold, an artists confidence grows and blossoms into more creations, more beautiful art.

Support local artists.

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